St John's Church

A Safe Place to Explore your Faith

Sundays 10:30am | Chapel Lane, Ellel

Jesus taught that we should love one another as He has loved us. We would love to extend Jesus' example of love to you. Whoever you are, you are welcome at St John's Church.

Rev. Craig AbbottVicar



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Source of Discipleship

Be Still One of the main reasons church exists is to make disciples Discipleship is a key part of building our faith and growing closer…
The Book of Matthew

Matthew 25:31-46

Do we serve our fellow neighbour? Jesus is not just our king, but an example. Jesus judges our practical help and elevating of suffering. Our…
The Book of Matthew

Matthew 21: 23 – 32

Submit your lives to the power and authority of God. Jesus had power in heaven but gave it up to come to earth to be…

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